Frequently Asked Questions

IV therapy is the new standard of immediate care at the comfort of your location all without the need to travel to a medical office! It is a combination of nutrients and hydration that gets administered directly into your bloodstream leading to an immediate impact to help you recover.

It is actually quite simple. Choose your treatment. Add your supplements. Select your location. Our licensed medical providers will call you for a quick consultation before arriving and we’ll handle the rest.

It varies depending on your treatment. Most treatments are 30 minutes to 45 minutes long.

Private IV Therapy and Hydration services are not covered by insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. That said, our treatments are at more reasonable rates than a visit to an urgent care or the emergency room.

The I.V. solution is composed of a balanced salt solution like Lactated Ringers solution or a Normal Saline solution. However, our medical staff team will cater your treatment based on the symptoms you have to ensure you with the correct solution, medications, and supplements.

Although most people can be treated with an IV. We do not treat minors below the age of 18 without parent consent. Patients with certain medical conditions may not be appropriate for treatment. Our medical providers will review the medical history of the patient. I.V.’s are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, however, some medications are not recommended. If you are pregnant, we prefer to be in contact with your obstetrician beforehand.

There are no major side effects usually seen after an I.V. treatment. Most people will experience a small bruise after the treatment and typically feel a cooling sensation during the treatment.

It is important to listen to your body before getting multiple treatments within a short period of time. Our licensed heal-care providers will assist you to make sure you’re getting an adequate amount as needed.

Most people may feel a tiny pinch.

Yes, of course. We do provide service for private parties of any size and offer special promotions for large groups. Please visit our contact page to provide more information and one of our team members will contact you.

IV treatments are administered through a sterile technique. All supplies are sterile packaged and our health-care provider cleans the insertion site with alcohol to help further prevent any infection.

Typically within 1-2 hours of advanced notice.

You can visit our website and see our wide range of Essentia Drips to select which IV drip would be applicable to you at the time.

Save the trip! We are a concierge service and come to you because traveling while not feeling well is not always easy or pleasant.

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